POSEIDON De Luxe bass power amp. Price 950$

POSEIDON De Luxe is bass power amp for pro usage. Full bass response!

TUBE-100. ver. 2023. Цена 70000руб

TUBE-100 is a modern tube bass 2U rack head for professional usage. knobs: GAIN, COMPRESSION, BASS, LOW, HIGH, TREBLE, VOLUME, MASTER, DEPTH, PRESENCE. Switches: front: MIDCUT, 100W, STANDBY, MAINS. rear: speaker 4/-16 Ohm. Inputs: BASS 6.3mm jack, POWER IN 6.3mm jack, AUX 6,3mm jack. tubes: 12AX7 x 2, EL34 x 4.

TUBE-100 tube bass rack headwith compressor and overdrive 100W
TUBE-100. Tube bass amplifier. Price 835€/995$

TUBE-100 is a modern tube bass 2U rack head for professional usage.

ZERO III. Bass Tube Overdrive. price 215€

ZERO III. Bass Tube Overdrive gives you rich modern sound. Mix of tube saturated clean + overdriven harmonics. Full body sparky sound

BASS DRIVER. Bass drive + compressor . Price 205€

BASS DRIVER-this is bass drive + compressor for pro usage.

CHARON DE LUXE. Tube bass preamp. price 430$

(Русский) CHARON DE LUXE – это ламповый 2-х канальный басовый преамп с компрессором для профессионального и домашнего использования.

BASS STATION.Bass multyeffect. Price 215€

BASS STATION – this is bass multyeffect (boost/fuzz/octave down) with true cold bypas for professional usage.


BASS CHORUS F2 – this is bass churus effect pedal for pro and home usage.

F1 – 2-channel tube bass preamp with compressor.

(Русский) F1 – ламповый 2-х басовый напольный преамп со встроенным компрессором, со стерео входом для фонограммы и стерео выходом на наушники.

TUBE-100. Tube bass 100w amplifier.

TUBE-100 – this is tube bass amplifier with drive and compressor.