TUBE-50 De Luxe. Цена 70000руб

TUBE-50 De Luxe – это басовая ламповая голова со встроенным компрессором, петлей и выходами на запись с преампа и с оконечника.

JVM tube guitar preamp 1U цена 38000руб

JVM tube guitar preamp 1U based on JVM MARSHALL schematics. For pro & home usage.

PREDATOR MIDI tube guitar preamp 58000руб

This preamp based on the schematics of MESA RECORDING preamp. For pro and home usage.

DIEZEL 2HG guitar tube preamp. price 250€

DIEZEL 2HG this is 2HighGain(2HG) channel tube guitar floor preamp for pro and home usage. controls: GAIN, BASS, MIDDLE, TREBLE, VOLUME. EACH CHANEL AMP OUT, LINE OUT(INTERNAL SPEAKER SIM) TUBES: 12AX7/ECC83 X 2PCS

E530 tube guitar pro preamp. Price 450€

E530 – this is pro tube guitar preamp based on ENGL E530 schematics.

5150 De Luxe preamp. price 650€

5150 De Luxe preamp is a pro tube guitar preamp with built-in screamer, boost, delay, reverb & FX LOOP

DOOKIE and the BEAST. MIDI tube preamp. Price 1000€

Dookie and the BEAST is a pro tube guitar preamp with MIDI control

DEMENTED-10. Guitar tube power amp with EQ, reactive load and IR player.

front: stereo IR out for phones/ sound card/monitirs playing, MODERN/VINTAGE, AMERICAN/ENGLISH switches, 5band EQ 60Hz, 240Hz,750Hz, 2,2kHz, 6,6kHz, VOLUME, PRESENCE, DEPTH. rear; INPUT, 8 & 16Ohm (4Ohm on request) speaker outputs, DIRECT output for sound card. TUBES: 12AX7/ECC83, 2 x 6P6S(russian 6V6). Power 10W

5150 5W head. price 560€. Ламповая домашняя голова по мотивам 5150 PEAVEY. Цена 45000руб. 5Вт.

5150 5W – это ламповая гитарная голова по мотивам 5150 Пиви. 3 Канала, 5Вт, футсвитч. Серьезный большой звук в маленьком корпусе!

5150 studio lead preamp price 380€

Preamp bassed on 5150 PEAVEY lead channel schematics